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About Polly Pajaro:

Straight from our Pistachio Farm to your pet!

Do you ever wonder from where your food originates? I bet you wonder the same about your pet's food! We grow and process our own pistachios and have been for many years so you can be assured that your pet is getting the freshest, most natural, highest quality California grown pistachio treat available free of salt, mycotoxins or pesticide residues. Our ranch is located east of Delano, CA adjacent to Highway 65 and consists of 680 acres of beautiful rolling hills of pistachio trees with fields of table grapes nearby. Our business office is located in Lincoln, CA and this is where we do all our production and packing. All we grow and process are pistachio nuts – so you can rest assured that your pet is getting the best of natures best!



bunchWe welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have and encourage you to contact us. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality supplemental treat for your pet!

*Remember as is true with all nuts and treats, MODERATION is the key to your pet's health. Please do not over-feed your pet!