Straight from our Pistachio Farm to your pet!

Your bird or other type of pet deserves the highest quality, healthiest treat that is not only nutritious but one that they will also enjoy eating. Pistachios are an excellent source of protein, carbohydrate, lipid, fiber, vitamins and minerals essential to supplementing your bird's or small animal's diet. All our pistachios are naturally opened and salt-free so your bird can enjoy this nutritious, tasty treat!

Salt-free shells that can be added to your bird's bowl to encourage foraging are also available. Visit the Healthy Facts page for more of the use of pistachio shells to encourage foraging and for more information on the nutritional value of pistachios for birds and small animals.

Did you know that pistachio shells have many uses from natural reptile bedding (see healthy facts page) to a soil amendment to promote moisture retention and drainage in potted plants and small garden plots? The shells can also come in handy for craft projects! We sell different size packages of shells to fit your needs and budget whatever they may be.